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RSO Annual Accountability 2017

This grant round has now closed. Submissions closed at 5:00PM 23 June 2017 (NZST).

Before you begin please read this information  

1. Uploading Supporting Documents/Attachments

You will need to have saved on your computer, on a memory stick/pen drive, or similar, the following documents/information as these need to be uploaded as part of your application (where applicable)  

  • annual financial statements;
  • a current business or strategic plan;
  • an operating budget for coming year;
  • a report on your activities for the past year;
  • current database detailing individual participants.

Files can be up to 25MB each; however try to keep files to a maximum of 5MB and please allow enough time for each file to upload before trying to attach another file.

2. How will you know when your accountability report has been submitted to CTOS?

When you submit your accountability report, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a copy of your submitted accountability report attached. This will be sent to the email you used to register.

If you do not receive a confirmation of submission email then you should presume that your submission has NOT been submitted.

3. Navigating (Moving Through) The Form

On the right hand side of every screen you will see a navigation box which links directly to each page of the accountability report – simply click the link to move directly to the page you want.

You can also click 'next page' or 'previous page' on the top or bottom of each page to move forward or backward through the accountability report.

Remember to save often so that you don’t lose any information you’ve entered – just click on ‘save progress’ at the top or bottom of each page.

4. Saving Your Draft Accountability Report

If you wish to leave a partially completed accountability report, press 'save and close' and log out. When you log back in and click on the 'My Submissions' link at the top of the screen, you’ll find a list of any started or submitted accountability reports. You can reopen your draft accountability report and start where you left off.

You can also download any accountability report, whether draft or completed, as a PDF. Click on the 'Download' button at the bottom of the accountability report navigation panel.

5. Submitting Your Accountability Report

There is a ‘Review and Submit’ button at the bottom of the navigation box. You need to review your accountability report before you can submit it – you will not be able to submit your accountability report until all required questions (marked with an *) are completed. Once reviewed you can submit your accountability report by clicking on 'Submit' at the top of the screen or on the navigation box.

Once submitted, no further editing of your accountability report or uploading of support material is possible.

6. Completing An Accountability Report In A Group/Team

A number of people can work on an accountability report using the same log in details as long as only one person is working at a time. But do ensure you save as you go.

7. Need Further Help

You can download the Help Guide for Applicants don’t hesitate to contact me on 218 2034, 0800 500 185 during office hours (Monday to Friday  8.30am – 5.00pmor email